Beautiful and fearsome, serene and violent, with the darkness of the absent sun and the shimmer of the northern light, the Arctic is a magic place. Holding in its ice memories of thousands of years and its surface reflecting the sunlight to keep our planet’s temperature down.

But the current warming of the Arctic is causing changes in temperature and the sea ice to melt at a devastating rate. For the endangered Polar Bears, this means decreased hunting grounds, and potential starvation. Their population is also impacted by humans through environmental toxins that affect their reproduction systems, as well as through hunting, oil spills and shipping.

Many other Arctic animals are also endangered, such as the Arctic Fox, Caribou, Wood Bison, Musk Ox, Narwhal, Beluga Whale, Bowhead Whale, Ringed Seal and Pacific Walrus.

“The Heat Is On” acrylic on canvas 36″x36″ (sold)
“Remembering” acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ $1,900
“Hot Spot, I” acrylic on canvas 40″x40″ (sold)
Freedom Fighter
“Freedom Fighter” acrylic on canvas 40″x40″ (sold)
“Hot Spot, III” acrylic on canvas 40″x40″ (sold)
“Echo” acrylic on canvas 36″x36″ (sold)
“Being Caribou III” Acrylic and collage on wood 9″x12″
“Being Caribou I” Acrylic and collage on paper 10,5″x13,5″
“Her Place” triptych acrylic on canvas (sold)
3-Gone bear
“Gone Bear” acrylic on canvas 40″x40″ (sold)
“Arctic Moment, I” acrylic on canvas 30″x30″ (sold)
“Arctic Moment, II” acrylic on canvas 30″x30″ (sold)
“Arctic Moment, III” acrylic on canvas 30″x30″ (sold)
got it?
Got It? acrylic on canvas 36″x48″ (sold)
Hot Spot IV, acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ (sold)
Be Aware, acrylic on canvas 30″x30″ (private)
Be Here Now
Be Here Now, acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ (sold)
Together, acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ (sold)
Twenty Seven Left
Twenty Seven Left, acrylic on canvas 36″x36″ (sold)
Bright Future, acrylic on canvas 36″x36″ (sold)
8-you will miss me
You Will Miss Me (sold)
True Cost 2
True Cost II, acrylic and collage 30″x30″ (sold)
True Cost 1
True Cost I, acrylic and collage 40″x40″ (sold)
whose land
Whose Land, acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ (sold)
sitting duck
Sitting Duck, acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ (sold)
No Doubt
No Doubt, acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ (donated)
Hot Spot III acrylic on wood (sold)
“One Of Us lll” Acrylic on canvas (sold)
“One Of Us ll” Acrylic on canvas (sold)
“One Of Us lV” Acrylic on wood (sold)
“One Of Us l” Acrylic on canvas (sold)
“One Of Us, V” Acrylic on canvas, 36″x36″ (sold)
“One Of Us, Vll” acrylic on wood panel 24″x24″ (private)
“One Of Us, Vl” acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ (sold)

“Deep Forest Blessing” acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ $2,100

“Deep Forest Blessing, ll” acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ (sold)

“Nordic Songs, Xll” Acrylic on wood panel 24″x24″ (private)

“Where Blessings Do Not Hide, ll” acrylic and canvas on wood panel 20″x20″ (sold)

“Where Blessings Do Not Hide, ll'” acrylic and canvas on wood panel 20″x20″ $ 690

“Nordic Songs, ll” mixed media on wood panel 10″x10″ (sold)

“Nordic Songs, V” mixed media on wood panel 10″x10″ $ 175

“Nordic Songs, X” mixed media on wood panel 8″x 8″ (sold)

“Arctic Encounter” acrylic on canvas 24″x24″ (sold)

“Lost and Found” acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ $ 1,260

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