My art is motivated by my deep conviction that humans and animals share this beautiful earth as brothers and sisters. The misconception that we are the crown of creation has gotten us all in enough trouble and has created the disastrous situation we are now facing. This misconception has created a separation between ourselves and the rest of nature and makes us feel lost. It has enabled the heinous crimes against our fellow beings as well as the destruction of our common habitats that are the results of our postindustrial life style. The food industry, medical industry, clothing industry, and our general over-consumption are only made possible by depleting the earth’s resources and creating immense suffering for our fellow beings.

On a spiritual level, animals and wild nature can be a link to the mystery of which we are all a part, where we are all one. With my art, I’m hoping to awaken a sense of connection with the animals, and also of belonging. This sacred earth is our home, and all living things are interdependent. I believe that the insight of the deep kinship between all living things is the radical paradigm shift that has to happen within the hearts and minds of each and every one of us to make this earth a good place for all.

With my paintings and collages, I also want to bring awareness to the importance of wildlife conservation, and therefore I donate 25% of my profit to wildlife non profit organizations.

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