As a painter, the subject of animals compels me, as they speak to something deep in my core. To me they embody the ability to be fully present, here and now, and they symbolize a link to the mystery of which we are all a part.

My aspiration is to remind myself and the the viewer of the sacredness of nature and the interdependence of all living things. While most of us have a sense of our roles within the ecosystem, I want to to express how our connectedness goes deeper, beyond the visible. When this perception becomes integrated in our daily lives, it brings relief to our hearts as well as benefits to our environment. Only when we believe that we are isolated from nature can we do it harm.

As a means to convey this sacred web that connects us I let the patterns or texture in my under-painting surface in some places, highlighting the relationship between animals, people and the environment. I attempt to perceive the presence animals, and I strive to depict it on the canvas. Their eyes are often painted as gateways to their essence, inviting the viewer to relate.

Some of my paintings merely comes from my love for the animals, and my appreciation of their qualities and beauty. Other paintings also comment on the present environmental crisis, which I sometimes incorporate into the paintings through symbolic collages and stylized symbols.

I donate 25% of the profit from each sold painting to wildlife conservation.





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